"For me, the most remarkable experience during Guatemala Hope Tour 2015 project was when we were ministering to the people as they stood before the Lord in worship. At the end of the service, those made thirsty by the Holy Spirit were encouraged to put their cause before God and exercise their faith. At that moment we could lay our hands and see the manifestation and power of God. People who were possessed being released and renewed, and people being baptized with the fire of the Holy Spirit. We also witnessed people being healed. Here in earth we are only instruments of God.  Lives were trained, and lives were transformed by the power of Jesus' name.  It was wonderful!"   

Morgana PontesVolunteer

"Without a doubt my favorite time was spent with the kids.  We had two opportunities, the orphanage and a moms and kids church gathering, to share the love of Christ through telling the Christmas story. The faces of each child lit up as the pastor translated the story and add animal noises to make it more fun!  The orphanage was especially fun as we sang, made crafts, and passed out Christmas stockings full of toys and gifts.  Thank you for donating to our stocking fund!  Without your support, placing gifts in the hands of orphaned children would not have been possible."  

Stephanie GoncalvesVolunteer

"When I think back to my experience in Guatemala I think of SO MANY amazing memories: Tikal, Antigua, Papaya Farm, worship at Casa de Amor, the amazing people, food, and La Isla de Flores just to name a few. But if I had to pick a favorite moment it would have to be spending time at the orphanage.For this gringa that speaks very little Spanish or Portuguese, a baby’s smile translates in ALL languages.  The children has very little but still managed to smile from the moment they saw us.  AMAZING!!  God’s love truly transcends languages, cultures, and lifestyles.” 

Christi PhillipsVolunteer

“As a first time participant in a ANS Ministries evangelistic international outreach, it was a memorable and challenging experience.  I had to overcome many personal difficulties, and because of it, I was able to witness great things.  Every part of this trip left its memories, but two special moments marked my life.  On the next to last night I saw the local church hungry for a move of God; all present were impacted with people responding to a calling and lives forever transformed by the Holy Spirit. The second experience was during a visit to a local orphanage, I was able to share the Gospel story to the children! Many responded giving their lives to Jesus. It was very touching to see.  Also singing songs and playing games with them was a lot of fun.  Bottom line is that it was a life enhancing experience that will change my view on ministry and has strengthen my spiritual walk.” 

Carla VeigaVolunteer


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