Mission & Vision

What is our goal?

1) Effective Evangelism 

2) Local Church encouragement and revitalization 

3) Grow international ministry outreach

4) Grow volunteering, partners and supporters

What is our mission?

To make disciples of all nations by bringing the HOPE of Jesus Christ to a lost world.

What is our vision?

To engage the local church and volunteers in evangelism in their community through: 

Gospel crusades

Leadership conferences and training 


Soccer Clinics

Church ministry

What we do?

We serve through a variety of strategies. Some of these strategies are well known and others unique to ANS Ministries: 

ANS Cups, ANS Clinics - ANS Ministries method

Evangelistic Outreaches - We engage in whatever is already effective in the community 

Meeting physical needs - We love meeting needs when we have the resources to do so

ANS Ministries Conference - Leadership training, Pastoral ministry conferences, Ministering with Spiritual authority Conference

Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ - We will use conventional methods to preach