Hope Tour


What I love about ANS ministry is that it's made up of 3 awesome elements God, kids and soccer! It was my pleasure serving with them locally, especially since my daughter was serving right next to me. As an educator, I firmly believe that "It takes a village to raise a child. I see many of our youth looking for a place to fit in and call home.  By linking up with local outreach facilities, we are able to use the game of soccer to connect with kids in the community, have fun, lead them in a prayer of salvation, then connect them back to the local outreach center for follow up. Our goal is to not just attract the kids for the small time we are there, but rather create a trusting relationship between the local ministry and the youth."

Jannet WithtwoNsTeacher

“I had a lot of fun working with the kids in soccer camp! Teaching them God's word and being their coach for a week was an amazing experience. I look forward to it every year! ”

Rachel HoldenCoach / Athlete

If you would like to start a Hope Tour in your community and/or volunteer with ANS Ministries connect with us.