Peru Hope Tour


  • 9 Gospel Crusades in Lima
  • 3 ANS Cups located around Lima
  • 2 Leaders Conferences  
  • 14 soccer balls donated and 200 medals for all ANS Cup participants.
  • Over 200 youth participated in the ANS Cups
  • 150-200  new confessions of faith in Christ and information gathered by local churches for follow up.
  • Numerous accounts of God’s power manifested through supernatural healings.
  • 1 new church fellowship started 

As a direct result of the new conversions during the Gospel Crusades and ANS Cups, a new  fellowship of believers has began to meet  regularly on Friday nights.  Pastor Jose Perez, a local pastor and one of the organizers of the crusades and ANS Cups, is leading this new fellowship.

An ANS Ministries team was also born in Peru which will be headed by Mr. Ivan Flores.  Mr. Flores and his team of four volunteers will be organizing an ANS Cup to take place in the middle of the year. The objective of the Cup will be to minister to the youth and families in unreached areas of suburban Lima.

 Peru Hope Tour 2016

ANS Cup, Over 200 kids Participation

Fun, Fun, Saludo a Todos 🙂

#CopaANS #ANSCup #PeruHopeTour2016. Fun, Fun, Saludo a Todos 🙂

Posted by All Nations Soccer Ministries on Monday, March 21, 2016