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Fuji, Japan (March 2017)

@Fuji AG Church

Hi. My name is Gui Freitas and I've been traveling with ANS ministries on Hope Tours for the last 8 years. 

Japan was my first time going on a Connect trip and also my first time in the country.

One of the greatest parts of writing about my experience traveling with ANS Ministries is that I could basically copy and paste what I would write from all of my experiences in and with the ministry since 2009: signs, wonders, healing, salvation, encouragement, learning, true fellowship, growth, new friends and fun. If you were on this trip or with any others, you'd be writing the same. You make friends for life, return with your life changed, experience the fullness of the gospel in a simple and effective way. 

As with all the other trips, ANS's daily program and schedule in Japan (in partnership with a local church that hosted us) was well-balanced between ministry-activities and rest, which allowed me it to keep a healthy rhythmn to not only start the mission but also to conclude it strong. 

We spoke at churches, made lots of Philippino friends from the local church that welcomed us, got to see some of Japan's landscape and deeply learned about the Japanese culture and The Church's current fruits and vision to reach the country's population for Christ.

It's not any news that Japan is a beautiful country with a unique culture. What was news to me was how unreached the country is. International churches are filled with believers from other cultures, but some of the largest purely Japanese churches have a total of 60 members. Japan loves soccer, the #2 sport in the country behind baseball. The country's professional soccer league (J-league) is very popular, and I can see ANS entering deeply in the country through soccer in order to minister to the hearts of Japan's current and next generation.

I feel like the door was left wide open. During our ministry activities, Thiago (ANS's director and founder) and I saw God moving... tremendously. People responded to the gospel in a very powerful way. Yet, we can't do much alone or just the 2 of us.

I hope to return, not just to eat some of the most delicious food I've ever had (sushi train... yes God!) but to also continue the work that the Lord started there. With more people and we can do more, and the more seeds we leave there, the more fruits we'll see. 

Keep on helping us go, but also plan on get in the boat. Japan needs you and I... today.

Gui Freitas 

ui Teaches on Worship

Fuji AG Church - Fuji, Jap