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Peru Floods

Peru Floods

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The Problem
Heavy rains have caused major floodings and landslides in Peru. The government has declared the country in state of emergency. Over 100 people have lost their lives. 141,860 people have lost their homes, and 205,640 homes have been affected. The north of Peru is the area that has suffered the most.

Due to the floodings, the drinking water supply systems have been affected to such degree that some had been shutdown. There are towns and villages that do not have access to drinking water due to the destruction that the floodings and landslides have caused.

Lady being rescued during flood in Peru. March, 17, 2017

Looking to Help

We asked the Lord how could we share His love and mercy at this time. We asked the Lord to give us something we could take with us to those affected areas. We did not wanted to go empty handed. The Lord answered.

A group of people being rescued on Friday, March 17, 2017.

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The Answer 

This week we watched a video from agricultural engineer Bernardino Lalopu. It showed something amazing, something only God could create. The seeds of the Moringa plant can be used to purify dirty water. These seeds have the property of attracting the impurities in water and separating them. The video showed how people could drink the water after going through this process.


The Strategy

It is to these locations that we can take these seeds and use them to purify the dirty water. These will be the tool that will give us entrance to share about the true living water that every human being needs.

We would first get the seeds from engineer Lalopu, who lives in northern Peru, area struck by the floodings. From there we will continue our journey as the Holy Spirit guides us. We know we have the best GPS in the entire universe. God has given us a strategy and we take it in Jesus name. We are trusting in the Lord that He will guide us all the way to those towns and villages. We don’t know any of them, but God knows them. Praise be to Jesus.

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Our Hope

We believe the Lord can take any bad situation and turn it to something amazing, that is salvation in Jesus Christ. God can take this natural disaster in Peru and turn it to something glorious: souls being won for Jesus. We see this in our spiritual eyes and we believe God can do it. If God was able to spare Nineveh from a disaster, He is more than able to spare souls from hell within a disaster, and this through the blood of Christ.

More than anything, we just need your prayers that souls would be saved and delivered from the bondage of sin in Jesus Christ name. God is using this time for His children to act in faith and believe that everything is possible when we have Him on our side. It is a win-win situation. Praise be to Jesus.

Peru won’t be the same after all that has happened, and souls won’t be the same after what God will do in the midst of this situation. God has Peru in His hands and we, His children, are His fingers. Whatever we touch, He will touch. So wherever we’ll go in Jesus name, He will go before us and wherever His name is preached, He will touch those souls for eternity. We pray this in Jesus precious name. God bless you. – By Ivan Flores, ANS Ministries Peru Director


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Peru 2017: ANS Cup & Huacho Crusade

Peru 2017: ANS Cup & Huacho Crusade

ANS Cup: The ANS Cup in Peru took place for the entire month of February in the community of Santa Clara, Lima. Along with five additional volunteers who assisted with the organization and logistics of the event, ANS Ministries Peru volunteer and missionary Guillermo Leon successfully lead and accomplished the 4th ANS Cup.

Much of the community was involved in the games, and since the ANS Cup took place on a street of Santa Clara, many residents were following the games from the windows of their homes and cheering on their kids. The most waited moment by the kids and parents was the conclusion of the games with the delivering of trophies and medals. Every player received a medal, a colorful ANS Cup t-shirt, and the top three finalist teams received championship trophies.

The conclusion of the ANS Cup also brought the most anticipated moment for  me and Guilhermo. Earlier that evening as Guilhermo and I carried the sound system up the steep hill leading to the street where the games were to take place, we joked with each other as to whom would deliver the presentation of the Gospel. I was convinced that Guilhermo was the best person to do it since he had done all the hard work up to that point, had earned the respect of his community, and in my opinion, was ready for the challenge. Guilhermo insist
ted in not wanting to do it. His excuse was that I had come specifically for that job and as the president of the organization, I had to do it. So, I was "forced" to design a perfect strategy to initiate my friend in the evangelist world. I immediately took the job of a camera man and simply kept myself busy during the whole time and specially after the games were over.

Guilhermo did a great job through the entire presentation of awards and recognition of the volunteers. As the big message time drew closer he kept looking and signaling me to come. However, I could not do much to help him because I was simply too busy making sure that every special moment of that important event was captured on video. Therefore there was no other choice but  for Guilhermo to deliver the most important message of all, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The long term results of that day only eternity can  truly account for, but every kid present and several of the volunteers and parents raised their hands in an act of reverence and surrender to the love of God as they repeated a heartfelt prayer of confession and surrender to the love of Christ.

Guilhermo as expected did an outstanding job and now has a new found calling and vocation as an evangelist.  - By Thiago Goncalves, ANS Ministries President

Evangelistic Campaign

Huacho, Peru  

Praise Jesus. The Lord made a way where it seemed there was no way. Doors had been closed from fellow congregations we thought we would receive support from. The Lord wanted to have this evangelistic campaign so we did not stop. Through the support of a small group of believers we ran the advertisement and all the preparations. God touched the hearts of the local authorities by allowing us to use the main square plaza. Praise Jesus. At the day of the campaign we had no sound system but the Lord led us to visit a former believer who granted us his entire sound system. He and his family attended the campaign with great joy. The Lord took control of the entire program in the campaign, it ran smoothly and His wonderful presence overtook each moment of the campaign.

The praise and worship was led by Peruvian evangelist Anselmo Llerena and the powerful word of God was shared by evangelist Thiago Goncalves. Souls were touched and they took the altar call to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. You could breath and sense the sweet aroma of redemption and grace that covers all sins through the blood of Jesus. People had been saved, delivered and healed and it was all through the everlasting love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. This small town at north of Lima has been touched for eternity because God's word will not turn back empty and His presence will remain unconditionally faithful. Praise be to Jesus. - By Ivan Flores, ANS Ministries Peru Director.