Peru Hope Tour

Peru Hope Tour

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February 17, 2020 – February 23, 2020 all-day
ANS MInistries Peru

This is a great project. So many lives have been impacted by the Peru Hope Tour. This project provides a great opportunity for new volunteers to get a feel of what ANS Ministries is all about.
Volunteer Cost $300 USD must be sent via Facebook Donate or Donate on ANS Min. Website. to ANS Ministries by June 10. 

Peru Hope Tour  (Feb 17 – Feb 23, 2020)

The Peru Hope Tour project is a yearly event and this project will introduce you to the heart of ANS Ministries. Evangelism through ANS Cups and Crusades. Training and encouragement for leaders in isolated communities. Serving the least of these. Adventuring in the crowded highways of Lima and eating the best “Pollo en la Braza” that you will ever have. Peru Hope Tour 2020 calls upon your volunteering.

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